Aftermovie Summercourse

At the initial summercourse in Mai 2022 we hosted 37 students from all over the world at HdM – Stuttgart Media University. Get a feeling, what is could be like to spend 2 weeks on Innovation &  Communication with experienced professors and students at the leading Media University in Europe.

HdM Summercourse rocks

We are very happy with the participants‘ feedback on our initial summercourse in Mai 2022 in Stuttgart.

„Such an amazing experience to network and gain perspectives outside of the North America ideologies. Eye opening experience and cross-disciplinary skills are developed in travelling, creative-solution-finding, and social skills“

„The program at HdM is a very engaging and exciting program. The lectures are highly engaging and interesting for all students to learn a variety of different topics. The extra activities and outings led by the HDM students were extremely exciting“

„HdM had created a very thorough program in order to ensure the students have a great time at the school – and we enjoyed the city of Stuttgart beyond the academic aspect“

„I liked how the professors placed an emphasis on the student experience; they weren’t making us sit at the hotel and write lang essays, a lot of the projects you could accomplish while having fun or incorporate into your plans“

Summercourse rocks
Classrooms | Fun | Team

HdM Campus rocks
Workshops | Different Context

Students @HdM rock
International Teamworking Skills

HdM Presentations rock
Working hard | Playing hard

HdM Professors rock
Eye Opening | Innovative

Stuttgart rocks II
Cannstatter Wasen | German Beer